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Boat ID: 1487Owner Name: Absolute Classics Marine 
Year: 1956 Location: Keopwna, B.C. Canada 
Length: 27 ft.   Phone: 250 807-2194 
Condition: Fair Email: bruce@absoluteclassicsmarine.com 
Model No.: 130 Homepage: http:www.absoluteclassicsmarine.com
Model Type: Express Runabout or aka Commuter Convertible Date Updated: 06/11/2012 14:11:28
Price: $negotiable 
Description: Boat was under restoration a number of years ago then went into storage for an extended time. Has new bottom and is in solid condition overall but needing interior refinishing and some hull planks need replacing. Engines went missing before we acquired the boat - were twin 331 Hemis. Have a matched set of Chrysler Crowns with V-Drives out of a 1954 27' Shepherd that would drop in essentially. One big advantage is all hardware was replated to show quality and is mostly complete from what we know. No trailer. Can complete the restoration or will consider selling as is. Contact us for more information and price. E-mail bruce@absoluteclassicsmarine.com or phone 250 807-2194.