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Boat ID: 1488Owner Name: Absolute Classics Marine 
Year: 1948 Location: Kelowna, B.C. 
Length: 22 ft.   Phone: 250 807-2194 
Condition: Poor Email: bruce@absoluteclassicsmarine.com 
Model No.: ?? Homepage: http:www.absoluteclassicsmarine.com
Model Type: Sport Deluxe? Date Updated: 06/11/2012 14:18:45
Price: $negotiable 
Description: Very very Rare Shepherd. Possibly only 2 were made of this model and one year only. Originally had a Packard Straight 8 Direct Drive but it has no motor right now. Long rear deck with no third seat behind the engine as on other 22' Shepherds of that year. Late 40's style windshield and had the war surplus aircraft bucket seats (missing). Hate to see this one disappear for lack of restoration. Contact us for more information. Willing to sell as is or will quote on restoration. Phone 250 807-2194 or Email: bruce@absoluteclassicsmarine.com 
Photos: Photo 1  Photo 2  Photo 3  Photo 4  Photo 5  Photo 6