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ACBS Chapter Sites---Classic Boats for Sale---Discussion groups & Forums---Miscellaneous---Museums---Other Classic Sites---Parts---Restoration and/or sales---Various Boating SitesACBS Chapter Sites
Antique and Classic Boat Society  

Classic Boats for Sale
Antique Boat Canada  an online marketplace - links shows Shepherd Boats for sale  Free photo classified ads for any pre-1970 powerboat orparts. Antique, historic, classic, or just an old boat. Post and edit your own ad.

Discussion groups & Forums

Dave Van de Laar  I am an amateur photographer. When you have time please browse my images

The Antique Boat Museum  America's freshwater boating museum

Other Classic Sites  Search engine,directory,and free photo classified ads for marine engines. Fast, easy, free, and effective way to buy or sell your engine or parts.  Research, discussion, and classified for collectors of antique inboard marine engines pre-1940.
The Vintage Hydroplanes  This site is devoted to limited-class, vintage inboard hydroplanes and raceboats
Wooden Boat Publications   The Magazine for Wooden Boat owners, Builders, and Designers

Anthony-Keats Marine  has been in business for over 55 years and was and was an exclusive Chrysler Marine Engine Distributor

Restoration and/or sales
Clarion Boats  Boatbuilding, Restoration and Sales
Shepherd Boat Company  Based in Lake Geneva, WI, they are now building wooded Shepherd Boats

Various Boating Sites
Classic Wooden Boat Plans  Various classic boat plans available
Diving Services  Underwater Project Consultants. Brian was responsible for raising a 17' Shepherd in 1971

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